Mosheh's Unifying Field Theory



Unifying Field Theory :     A theoretical explanation for the formation of everything, presumably around some form of unifying field.


Everything :   This spatial universe.


Unifying Field :     The medium and foundation upon which all natural forces are manifested within our spatial universe.  The "SPACE" itself, and it's qualitive aspects is the medium, here in referred to as the Aether, or Ether.


Aether / Ether (normal SPACE) :      A trans-indental (transforms indentity/ quality) fluid which condescends to obey certain natural laws set forth by the qualitive aspects of the applied energy in universal formation.                           

Field :      A manifestation of energy in the form of spatial tensions (one dimensional lines of force, polarized as pos / neg, or of a range of polarities, or with none at all being neutral like gravity)  across the Aether.


Dimensions :      Are levels of qualitative state as stored potential energy on the spatial Aether, rising up in levels, in order, 1,2,3... etc, each being a vector force at 90 degrees above the last.  Following a natural progressive pattern of formation, 1D...  2D...  3D...  etc...  following...  4D... 5D...  6D... etc...


   The image bellow is what can be considered a visual summary of the basic concept, which is to propose what I call a "Dimensional progressive pattern", meaning a progression of states of dimensions on a spatial Aether, which transforms state as more and more qualative enegy is applied causing this expansive rise.      A DIMENSIONAL RISE PATTERN, caused by increasing levels of stored energy.

    As can be seen we have the application of energy from some outside the universe source, the nature of which would be impossible to speculate on as said source would exist outside the limits of our space and time, and would not be subject to what we call universal natural laws, and hence forth for the purposes of this theory, said source of outside energy is referred to as what people commonly refer to as a god.  Or creator. And the premise of this theory and subsequent god theories would be that they should and must be premised on the application of energy from an outside source, which would then be a form of god theory.




0D---  1D--- 2D--- 3D

4    90 * /  ANGLES  =


ONE FULL 360* CIRCLE PATTERN                        .

4D is a 90* rise above 3D

forming TIME, and the fundamental particle as spatial tentsion.               .

5D is 90* above the 4D vector force product, forming light.  /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/


5D ---- >  6D 

light becomes denser, potentially magnetic.        .

6D --- > 7D is the last inward vector of the second  360* circle rise, forming the first matter    .

    This formed original matter, would if energized by applied  energy, build up spin forces and rip said matter apart, and again, it's projectiles would rip apart and so forth following a pattern of formation which just so happens to fit perfectly with our observable universe.  it FITS!!!!!

 Super clusters  --> Galaxies -->  Solar Systems -->

Atomic formations -- >

Photon emission -->

Entropy -->

   All the universe, can be seen to fit easily within this kind of dimensional progressive pattern. 

  To explain how I found this pattern I show that if we are to consider where to begin we must obviously start with what the bulk evidence seems to suggest.

  So first we start with a view of the evidence.          A non-biased view..


    Perhaps the most important issue of note before moving forward beyond this point is to address the abundant Hubble Deep field images, and how they show with great clarity, that galaxies, DO NOT START AS CONDENSING CLOUDS.....  but... to all appearences...  begin as expanding clouds of stars and new star systems....  from a small central core body...  which appears to of projected those orbital mass bodies.

  This patterns, is seen for all deep space field images of all galaxies.

   This is not rocket science, WE HAVE PHOTOS... galaxies...  only get bigger.


I PROPOSE.... a very simple means to explain for this evidence.

The abundant evidence. 


  The Evidence is very clear.

 We seem to be within a spatial universe, which is made up primarily of bodies known as superclusters (and Quasars), which are huge galaxies of galaxies, which are then made up of stars, which apear to be made up of a universally common material we call matter, as atoms, elements, which appear to follow universal laws of nature based on the qualative nature of the enviornment that said matter resides in.

    There does seem to be a obvious kind of pattern found in the motions and spiral spin aspects of matter at all stages, from Supercluster to Galaxy, to Solar systen, to Atoms, to radiant energy, and I propose that if we follow that pattern we find truth in the design of nature, and it leads us to the equaltions of creation and god like powers to control the universe itself..  

  It is, and has been the result of following these patterns of evidence which lead to this proposal as theory.

    Now if you re-consider the top most image and it's simple one page description after reading this entire page, then the concept should be more clear for your mind.  A dimensional progression is hard to comprehend at first but if you consider it with great detail it can be made simple.


     But for greater clarification, the following links will serve to explain the details.